Justin Solze

Embodying a unique blend of analytical acumen and compassionate service, Justin pursued law to stand up for those who felt voiceless. His journey began in an unconventional manner; originally set on a career in meteorology, he realized his ultimate calling was law after running his own successful landscaping business.

After graduating from  Capital University Law School, he has proven his mettle through diverse experiences ranging from criminal defense to appellate work. One of his most transformative challenges was switching career paths after almost a decade in landscaping—a shift that taught him life doesn't always need a rigid plan.

This realization also shaped his professional ethic: he approaches every task aiming for the highest standards of integrity, a sentiment echoed in his current role as a lawyer with the firm.

Away from legal manuscripts and courtrooms, Justin is as multifaceted as his career. An avid tennis player, a fitness enthusiast, and a devout football fan, he also wears the crown of being the 'favorite uncle' to his niece and nephews. But what truly sets him apart is his self-taught proficiency in horticulture; not only has he spent years acquiring a deep knowledge of plants and trees, but he has also successfully grown three trees from seeds that now flourish in his parents' yard.

Volunteering holds a special place in his heart, and he's been involved with his local food pantry—Gahanna Residents In Need—apart from his long-standing habit of doing yard work for neighbors. For Justin, success is a holistic blend of professional commitment and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring he’s there for friends and family while also never forgetting the community that shaped him.

Justin Solze