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Our attorneys are known for foreclosure defense.  The firm has won multiple cases in state and federal court that help people facing foreclosure.  Some of our cases set legal precedent for Ohio and beyond. 

We have forced mortgage companies to respond to customer inquiries.  We have forced them to refund fees. We have forced them to write off balances and pay our fees. One of our major cases established that RICO could be used against banks for robo-signing.  Several of our cases establish defenses that others can use in their own cases.  If you are looking for the best foreclosure defense and mortgage lawyers in Ohio, call us first.

Our consultations are free and we work with clients across Ohio. Call (614) 221-9800 today (this firm was previously Doucet & Associates Co LPA).


Litigation Lawyers

Our lawyers represent people in court when they have been sued by a bank or mortgage company. We also file lawsuits on behalf of our clients.


Loan Modifications

A loan modification occurs when the bank changes the loan terms so you can begin repaying your loan. Most of our clients do not have to put money down to get a loan modification.



Mortgage Errors

Mortgage errors occur all of the time. These include misapplied payments, lost payments, or excess fees. Sometimes, fees are unlawfully added to loans in bankruptcy.


Sheriff Sales

The last phase in a foreclosure lawsuit is for the property to be sold at auction by the sheriff.


Foreclosure Defense

Learn more about your options here. We are one of the most recognized names in foreclosure defense in Ohio.

Business Disputes

We regularly help businesses in disputes with landlords, creditors, banks, and financial companies.


Consumer Protection

We accept some consumer cases, such as debt collection defense and some lemon law claims.