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Our lawyers help families like yours save their home from foreclosure. We enter appearances in court to defend foreclosure. While the sale process is delayed, we work to save your home with the bank. When necessary, we sue to protect your rights.

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Help Without Bankruptcy

Most of our Ohio foreclosure defense clients do not need or want to file bankruptcy.  They do not have mountains of debt, but rather a mortgage and a few other debts.  Usually, something happened in their life that caused them to miss a couple of mortgage payments.  After they recover, they just want to start paying their mortgage again to avoid foreclosure.  Maybe they need a loan modification.  But the mortgage company refuses to help.  That is where our foreclosure defense lawyers step in.  We employ a multi-pronged effort to get the mortgage company to do what it should have already done: help you save your home from foreclosure.   We do all this at a very affordable cost!  We are located in Columbus, Ohio, but help people throughout Ohio.

Affordable Foreclosure Defense

This is How We Help

1. We defend the Ohio foreclosure lawsuit in court to prevent a default judgment against you.

2. We work with the bank's lawyers (not customer service) for a resolution that you love.

3. When appropriate, we file a RESPA lawsuit against your mortgage servicer for not helping you sooner (we ask the bank to pay our fees).

After helping hundreds of families throughout Ohio, we know what gets results.  We know where the banks regularly slip up, and how we can leverage those mistakes for your benefit, all at an affordable cost.  That usually means a loan modification, reinstatement, or write-off for you.  We know how to get resolutions that our clients love because foreclosure defense is what we do.  All at an affordable cost!  Call us today at (614) 944-5219 to see how we can help you with your Ohio foreclosure issue.  

You are Not Alone!

This was our first experience with foreclosure and we felt helpless. From the very beginning Mr. Doucet listened to our concerns, explained the options we could use in our defense and helped put our mind at ease. They always made us feel that our case was as important to them as it was to us.
— Sean and Kathy L.

Times can be tough, even for the best of us.  Life has thrown you a curve ball.  That does not make you a bad person.  It just means you need help getting back on track.  That is okay - and we can help!

Our foreclosure attorneys have represented other lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, elected officials, business owners, office workers, laborers, and many others facing foreclosure throughout Ohio.  They all needed the same thing you do - a helping hand.  We stepped in to help save their home from foreclosure, and get them standing again.

It is common for people to call us after working for months with their mortgage company and getting nowhere.  We find most mortgage companies do not have the staffing needed to help people facing foreclosure.  Few deliver the help our clients need, which is why they call us.  You do not need to face the big banks alone.  Schedule your free consultation today so we can help.  Call (614) 944-5219 to talk to a foreclosure attorney who can help you with your foreclosure defense.

We've Been There & Know what you are feeling

Our foreclosure defense law firm's founder, Troy Doucet, knows what you are going through.  In 2006, the bank filed foreclosure against his home.  His business had just failed.  His marriage was about to end.  Times were tough and the experience was devastating.    

Going through those tough times pushed Troy to fight back.  He saw what banks were willing to do to take people's homes in foreclosure.  He wasn't going to take it any longer.  Troy decided to go to law school.  He took courses like Consumer Law, Real Estate Finance, and Complex Litigation so we would have the skills to help others facing foreclosure.  IT WORKED.  

Troy graduated 10th in his class from Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio, magna cum laude.  He started his foreclosure defense law firm in Columbus immediately, and has grow it into the force it is today with friend and fellow classmate, Andy Gerling.  With a team of smart and caring Ohio foreclosure lawyers, Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. is known for fighting hard and getting results that few others can match. 

It was also important to Troy that his law firm be affordable.  That is why the firm charges reasonable monthly fees to its foreclosure clients, and works hard so that the bank ultimately has to pay the bill.  Learn more about Troy by clicking here and Andy here.  Call or schedule your free consultation today with Troy, and start getting help you need from our Ohio foreclosure lawyers.  

How Happy Are Our Clients?

Find out!

Affordable, Smart Lawyers who Care

Our foreclosure defense lawyers are nationally known for our foreclosure defense work.  Troy Doucet literally wrote a book on defending foreclosure, "23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure: How to Beat the Bank."  That book has helped countless attorneys and families learn the tools they need in order to defend foreclosure.  Troy also published "The Art of War for Lawyers," and published an integrated copy of Regulation Z of the Truth in Lending Act.  We know this area of law.

Attorney Troy Doucet also regularly speaks about Ohio foreclosure defense and consumer litigation.  These courses include teaching attorneys courses such as "Foreclosure Defense Strategies," "Defending Foreclosure: Helping Families," and "The Essentials of Foreclosure Defense."  He also gives presentations on consumer law, home buying, and other people-focused topics.

The firm and its foreclosure lawyers have knowledge you want in the area of Ohio foreclosure defense and consumer litigation.  Our fee agreements are designed to be affordable!  We want you to save your home without having to worry about our bill!  Schedule your free consultation today online here with our foreclosure defense attorneys near me.

The attorneys at Doucet and Associates are very knowledgeable about foreclosures and dealing with banks. Troy was able to help us even after two other attorneys failed. They really care about helping people.
— Jackie G.

Compassionate And Dedicated

Our litigation philosophy is that we fight a foreclosure defense case until our client gets a deal they want.  We are incredibly proud of the homes we have saved from foreclosure when other law firms had given up.  Our strong work ethic has led to some amazing results for our clients, while being extremely affordable!  We have created terrific law for the benefit of every consumer:

  • Marais v. Chase established in a landmark ruling that mortgage companies could be held liable for failing to answer homeowners' questions under RESPA.

  • Slorp v. Lerner Sampson & Rothfuss established a right of homeowners in the Ohio region to sue their mortgage companies under RICO for robo-signing documents as part of a foreclosure.

  • Wells Fargo v. Gerst established that mortgage companies had to follow certain guidelines before filing foreclosure on FHA loans in Ohio.

  • Majestic v. Huntington reinforced that banks must take responsibility for fraudulent checks it cashes in Ohio.

Ask us about how our wins in court can help you with your situation.  Call us today at (614) 944-5219 or Schedule your free call with a foreclosure attorney who can offer you foreclosure help.

No Mortgage Company Too Big

We regularly engage with the biggest mortgage companies in the country for our foreclosure clients.  We've sued most of them more than once.  That is important for you.  It is important that the mortgage company know that you and your lawyers are serious about your foreclosure case.  When the other side knows you are willing to drop a hammer when it's needed, it creates an incentive to come to the table.  Call it LEVERAGE.  And we do it at an incredible value!

The other side is almost certainly going to know who your lawyers are when you hire Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. to represent you in your foreclosure.  That is a good thing.  They know we are going to expect a good deal for you.  We will work hard to get it, while being incredibly affordable.  Give us a call today at (614) 944-5219 or schedule online here to get  your foreclosure consultation.

Here are some of the major servicers you may need foreclosure help with, many of whom do business in Ohio:

  • Wells Fargo

  • 5/3 Bank

  • Huntington

  • Carrington

  • Bank of America

  • Freedom Bank

  • Quicken Loans

  • Chase

  • Mr. Cooper

  • Park National

  • PNC

  • Flagstar

  • United Wholesale

  • Caliber

  • U.S. Bank

  • Chase

  • USAA

  • Citizens

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consumer litigation too

The vast majority of our work is suing banks, mortgage companies, and debt collectors.  Because the laws we use also protect people in other kinds of transactions, we also accept non-foreclosure cases.  As consumer protection lawyers, we help people with all kinds of issues they have with businesses in Ohio.  

We regularly litigate cases under the FDCPA, CSPA, TILA, RESPA, TCPA, HSSA, PECA, and others.  This includes RICO and FTC/CFPB regulations.  We help people with lemon law car claims, gym memberships, and more.

We are an Ohio consumer rights and a litigation law firm. Some people have said our lawyers are some of the best foreclosure and consumer lawyers in Ohio.  We help with consumer lawsuits such as debt collection harassmentcredit report issuesautomobile problemsrobocalls and junk faxesgym membershipsclass actionsmortgage abuse, and much more.  If you have an issue that needs an Ohio consumer lawyer's help, then call us today.  

Schedule your free call today to see if we can help you with your foreclosure or consumer need.  Call (614) 944-5219 or visit this page.