Ohio Class Action Lawyers at Doucet & Associates

A class action is a lawsuit where one (or a small handful) of people sue on behalf of thousands or millions of similarly injured people. Our firm files class action lawsuits on behalf of people. Call us for your evaluation today at (614) 944-5219.

Class actions work to aggregate claims of many people. For example, if a mortgage company overcharges late fees by $5 to 10,000 customers, one of those customers could file a class action to recover the $5 for all the other people. If the one person who filed the lawsuit (the class representative) was successful in forcing the mortgage company to pay back the ill-gotten $50,000 ($5 x 10,000 people), then that amount would be distributed in equal shares to all the customers who were overcharged.

Class actions are complex, time consuming, and difficult undertakings. However, they provide a very important mechanism for the “little guy” to correct a wrong occurring on a very large scale but in very small dollar amounts.

As evident in the example above, one person might not sue over $5, allowing the mortgage company to steal just a little bit from a lot of people to get away with it. A class action eliminates that ability by allowing one person to sue on behalf of herself plus all the other wronged people to get their money back.

Doucet & Associates is a firm that files class action lawsuits, and is especially interested in cases where a company is overcharging its customers on a regular basis, or where it is unfairly inflating prices. If you think a company is wrongly overcharging its customers on a mass scale or another situation that you think might fit well as a class action, please call the class action lawyers at Doucet & Associates to schedule a consultation at (614) 944-5219.

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