Attorneys Who Help with Negotiations

Do you need help with a negotiation, or do you need a letter written on your behalf? We may be able to help. Set up your hour consultation for your small business by calling (614) 944-5219 today.

The attorneys at Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. regularly negotiate contract disputes, early agreement terminations, and develop creative settlements. Our philosophy in negotiating is that we must understand our client’s negotiating position before we can meaningfully engage with the opposing party. This means understanding our client’s position, as well as the opposing party’s position.

Sometimes negotiations are as simple as drafting a letter outlining your position. Sometimes clients want a buffer between them and the other party, which we can provide. However, other times, the negotiation is contentious or likely to result in litigation. We are especially adept to assist in that kind of situation because of our background in litigation. In those cases, we will spend a little more time understanding the lay of the land before proceeding. Once we understand your and the opposing party’s position, strengths and weaknesses, plus your objectives, we can shape a negotiating strategy that may offer you the greatest opportunity to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible. This kind of philosophy can be seen in Mr. Doucet’s adaptation of Sun Tzu’s famous manual called The Art of War for Lawyers. Call Mr. Doucet to discuss your negotiation issue today at (614) 944-5219.

We believe in giving our clients options, and prefer to engage with the opposing party after obtaining an understanding of what you would like to see happen, and what our game plan is to make that happen. Sometimes our negotiation tactics take the form of letters and phone calls, and sometimes face to face meetings. Other times, our negotiating strategy may be to engage the opposing party through litigation, if litigation suits our client’s needs, desires, and objectives.

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