Attorneys Who Stop Mortgage Abuse

Protecting consumers against their mortgage companies has been one of the foundational aspects of our law firm. If you are not in foreclosure, but are facing abuse by your mortgage servicer, we may be able to help.

Consumer lawyer Troy Doucet talks about the federal and Ohio laws that help protect consumers in everyday transactions. He will touch on the laws governing Mortgages, Debt Collection, Car Purchases, Gym Memberships, Credit Reporting, and those annoying robo-calls we all get on our cell phones.

If you have proof a mortgage servicer charging false fees, dragging its feet to generate additional fees, lying to the government to generate more income, or otherwise taking advantage of people or the government, we want to talk with you. Do not let a company’s desire for profits interfere with its obligation to act legally.

Similarly, do you have evidence that a servicer is making claims under HAMP that are false? Is the servicer making claims to the government, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, or FHA that it is taking some action on behalf of homeowners, but it isn’t? If you have evidence that a servicer is improperly or illegally making money at the cost of taxpayers, we want to talk with you today for a potential qui tam action.

Our attorneys can discuss your particular situation. Call us today at (614) 944-5219.

If you do need help with foreclosure, please click here to learn about our foreclosure defense tactics and how we help homeowners protect their homes from foreclosure.