Loan Modification

My wife and I were on the verge of losing our home due to our mortgage company not wavering from lowering our mortgage rate. We tried various resources and services and nothing seemed to work until I found Mr. Doucet on a web search. Mr. Doucet and Audra did more for my family then they will ever imagine. They were able to lower our interest rate from 12.5% to 5% and made life much more enjoyable. I strongly suggest retainer this firm if you are having trouble with your mortgage company because they do not back down and will fight for your rights. Thanks again!
— Steve and Jennifer H.

Loan Modifications Can Help

We regularly assist our clients with their loan modification applications, especially when the mortgage company has filed a foreclosure lawsuit and our client needs help slowing that process down while a loan modification request is reviewed by their mortgage company. We regularly are called upon because our client has worked for months on their own without receiving any help. There is little risk in getting our experienced thoughts on your individual situation. Call (614) 944-5219 or schedule or appointment online today.

The loan modification process can be time consuming and take months before it completes. We work with clients during this time to secure a loan modification, short sale, or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, depending on your objective.

What makes our law firm unique is our ability to fight for you in court if the mortgage company refuses to help. We also provide all clients a realistic analysis of their legal position if the mortgage company refuses a modification. Based on our experience, we can estimate the likelihood of securing a loan modification with your particular mortgage company, and what kind of effort will be necessary to accomplish that. Our experience and ability in this area enables us to develop a game plan unique to you.

On a final note, we recommend hiring a lawyer licensed in Ohio to help you with your loan modification rather than hiring a modification company out of state. We have found that many non-lawyer modification companies located outside Ohio are willing to charge homeowners significant amounts of money while not providing any help. Many of these companies have been the target of Attorney General or other lawsuits. Check with the BBB and Ohio Attorney General before hiring one of these companies. If you are scammed, it can be very hard to recover your funds, and hard to reopen your case if your property is now scheduled for sheriff’s sale. For this reason, hire a local lawyer rather than trust foreign promises.

Call Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. today at (614) 944-5219 for to discuss your modification needs.