How do I get debt collectors to stop calling me?

The federal law governing debt collectors is called the FDCPA and it says you need to write a letter demanding that they stop calling you. We recommend that the letter you send to a debt collector to stop calling you include the following language:

“In this FDCPA letter, I dispute the validity of this debt and request you provide me written verification of the debt immediately. I also demand that you stop all further communications via telephone, email, and mail to me, other than to provide the aforementioned written verification of this debt.”

Sign the letter to the debt collector and make sure it references the particular account they are trying to collect from you, and include a return mailing address for them to mail the verification back to you. If you don’t feel comfortable providing them your home address, you may want to use a PO Box, or send it care of your attorney’s law firm (with your lawyer’s permission).

Send the letter certified mail, return receipt requested, and make sure you make a copy of the letter before sending it out. If the debt collector tries to collect money from you after you send this letter to the debt collector, you may be entitled to damages and should contact a lawyer.

It is possible for the debt collector to continue to call you if you just tell them verbally to stop calling you over the telephone. You must put the demand in writing.  The FDCPA law says you need to put that request in writing via a letter to stop the debt collector from contacting you. While email may possibly satisfy the law’s requirement, we would prefer you send it via regular mail.

If you hire a lawyer and tell the debt collector you hired a lawyer to represent you, then you do NOT have to send a letter to stop the calls. In that case, verbal notification that you hired a lawyer (provide them your lawyers name and phone number) will trigger an immediate requirement that they stop calling you. If they call you even one time after you tell them you hired a lawyer, then that can be an automatic violation of the law entitling you to damages.

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