Watch this Free Video on Contract Drafting

Please enjoy this free video seminar (available below) designed to help small business owners avoid lawsuits. The seminar is entitled “How to Draft Contracts to Avoid Lawsuits” and was held at the law office of Doucet and Associates, Co., L.P.A.

The contract drafting seminar was presented by Attorney Troy Doucet, principal of Doucet & Associates, and covered the basics of contract drafting. The seminar discusses the significance of standard contract provisions, reviews terms all small businesses should carefully consider, and outlines drafting tips for avoiding lawsuits and limiting liability.

Mr. Doucet regularly teaches lawyers about foreclosure and property related law, having taught multiple Continuing Legal Education courses. This contract drafting seminar was designed for small business owners.

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Call us for a Contract Drafting Checklist that you can use when drafting your small business contracts. It covers many of the major terms you should consider when drafting a contract.