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Friendly, Smart Lawyers

Our firm hires friendly lawyers who graduated at the top of their classes.  Firm owners Troy Doucet and Andy Gerling graduated from Capital Law School with high honors.  They, and their team of attorneys, fight everyday for people like you.

Troy started our foreclosure defense law firm in Columbus immediately after law school, and has grow it into the force it is today with friend and fellow classmate, Andy Gerling.  With a team of smart and caring Ohio foreclosure lawyers, Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. is known for fighting hard and getting results that few others can match. 

Troy worked in the mortgage industry before becoming a lawyer.  He also experienced foreclosure first hand when his business collapsed in 2005.  That experience prompted him to go to law school and dedicate his legal career to helping people.  You can read his story here.

Great Results

We have been helping people in foreclosure for years.  Troy Doucet got his start in the mortgage industry before becoming a lawyer.  He has published three legal books, including "23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure: How to Beat the Bank."  Troy regularly speaks on consumer law and consults nationally with other lawyers.

We know what gets results for our clients.  The key is hard work, hiring very smart lawyers, and thinking several moves ahead of the other side.

Our foreclosure defense law firm is nationally known for its foreclosure defense work.

The banks hire very expensive lawyers to fight to take your home.  That is why we fight back.  We have learned that developing a reputation for hard work and going the extra mile makes a difference.  

We believe we regularly get deals that other lawyers cannot obtain.  This is because the other side knows we will go to the Supreme Court if necessary for each and every one of our clients.  That kind of reputation means good deals for our clients.  

We know how to get resolutions that our clients love because foreclosure defense is what we do.  Call us today at (614) 944-5219 to see how we can help you with your Ohio foreclosure issue.  

How Happy Are Our Clients?

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Attorney Sean Kohl represents consumers in complex consumer law cases and class actions, in addition to the great work he does with  foreclosure defense  at an affordable cost.

Attorney Sean Kohl represents consumers in complex consumer law cases and class actions, in addition to the great work he does with foreclosure defense at an affordable cost.

Major Foreclosure and consumer Wins 

Our lawyers' strong work ethic has led to some amazing results for our clients.  We have created good caselaw for the benefit of families throughout the region:

  • Marais v. Chase established at the federal court of appeals that mortgage companies can be held liable for failing to answer homeowners' questions under RESPA.
  • Slorp v. Lerner Sampson & Rothfuss established at the federal court of appeals a right of homeowners to sue their mortgage companies under RICO for robo-signing .
  • Wells Fargo v. Gerst established at the state court of appeals that mortgage companies had to follow FHA guidelines before filing foreclosure.
  • Majestic v. Huntington reinforced at the federal court of appeals that banks must take responsibility for fraudulent checks cashed in Ohio.
  • The law firm has multiple other trial level decisions that created amazing results for our clients. 

Ask us how we can help you!  Call us today at (614) 944-5219 or Schedule your free call with a foreclosure attorney who can offer you foreclosure help.


Don't Give Up!

Our lawyers help families like yours save their home from foreclosure.  We enter appearances in court to defend the foreclosure.  While the sale process is delayed, we work to save your home with the bank. When necessary, we sue to protect your rights.

We Can Help with Most Mortgage Servicers

We regularly engage with the biggest mortgage companies in the country for our foreclosure clients.  

The other side is almost certainly going to know who your lawyers are when you hire Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. to represent you in your foreclosure.  That is a good thing.  They know we are going to expect a good deal for you.  We will work hard to get it.  Give us a call today at (614) 944-5219 or schedule online here to get  your foreclosure consultation.

Here are some of the major servicers you may need foreclosure help with:

· American Home Mortgage Serving, Inc.
· Aurora Loan Servicing
· BAC / Countrywide
· Bank of America
· Beneficial
· Chase
· Citi Bank
· Deutsche Bank
· Flagstar Bank
· Fifth Third Bank
· GMAC Mortgage
· Greentree Servicing
· Homeward Residential
· Huntington National Bank
· JP Morgan Chase
· Nationstar Mortgage
· Ocwen Financial Corporation
· OneWest Bank
· PHH Mortgage Corporation
· PNC Financial Services Group
· Regions Bank
· ResCap
· Residential Lending
· Select Portfolio Servicing
· Seterus, Inc.
· Third Federal Savings and Loan
· U.S. Bank
· Union Savings Bank
· Wells Fargo


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