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How Much does it Cost to Hire a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer?

Doucet’s payment plans help make legal services available to more people. They really care about helping people.
— Jackie G.

Our foreclosure attorneys fees are generally paid as a fixed, flat-rate, monthly payment.  You pay the same amount each month in foreclosure attorneys fees until you start making your mortgage payment again. 

At our firm, we stop asking you to pay our monthly foreclosure attorneys fees when we get you a payment plan or loan modification.  Not all law firms do this with their foreclosure attorneys fees.  However, we believe that once you start paying your mortgage again, then you shouldn't have to worry about paying us monthly.  

Our past billing method was to charge an hourly rate, but we found that we would normally write off substantial balances at the end of each case. Rather than engage in the accounting headaches and those scary-looking hourly bills that our clients would received, we have moved to a flat-rate billing. This way, our clients know exactly what they will be paying each month and exactly when their payments to us will end.


Sometimes the bank Pays

Our firm seeks to recover our attorneys fees from the other side in our federal and fee-shifting litigation.  There are several federal laws that allow us to do that.  We may bring these cases in addition to defending a foreclosure. We do that if we believe the bank has erred. With these cases, you won’t pay us anything more out of pocket (you may pay Expenses like the filing fee), and we will attempt to recover our fees from the bank.

If we do not win this kind of lawsuit, we do not ask that you pay our bill for our work in that lawsuit. You do not get a refund of any foreclosure fees paid in that matter.

Call us today at (614) 944-5219 so we can get started on your foreclosure defense case.  Schedule online here.

How Much Does a Loan Modification Attorney Cost?

The benefit to having a lawyer help out with a loan modification is more about the intimidation factor than it is about being an efficient use of an attorney's time.  When the mortgage company or a bank's lawyer knows you have a good attorney on your side, it can lead to a better loan modification.  Our clients have been offered loan modifications that are not made available to the public.  See our results page.  This is usually because we will come to the bargaining table with some kind of potential claim (finding them is why having a lawyer is helpful) that the bank will need to resolve as part of any loan modification deal. 

One of the most common reasons why clients come to our law firm for a loan modification is that they are getting nowhere with the mortgage company on their own. They are fed up with costs associated with months of run-around with no loan modification.  Or, the bank has just filed foreclosure despite your efforts to get a loan modification on your own.  Then, miraculously, we get loan modification where others have failed.  Why?  Probably because our law firm has a reputation for aggressively pursuing foreclosure claims when we need to.  The mortgage companies come to the point of knowing they can either do a deal for our clients now, or do one later.  But something is going to be done.  The risks to the mortgage company can be big - just look at some of the results we've obtained.

That brings us to the cost of a loan modification attorney.  What are our fees?  If you are nearing foreclosure and retain us to help on that front, our loan modification costs and fees are rolled into our foreclosure services.  It costs you nothing extra for our attorneys to work towards a loan modification for you.  Getting a loan modification is usually already an objective of our clients, no there are no additional costs or fees.  

If you are still paying your mortgage company each month and do not need our full foreclosure defense representation, then our attorneys will bill hourly for our loan modification work.  That will probably run at least a few hundred dollars over the course of a few months.  If the bank doesn't process your loan modification correctly, you might have claims where we can collect our fees from the mortgage company directly.  That requires a federal lawsuit, but lawsuits generally get the right people's attention.  That again is good for you (see that intimidation factor reference above).  It is sometimes (but not always) amazing how quickly we can get a  loan modification or some other settlement offer after we file a federal lawsuit.  See some of our results.

You can retain loan modification lawyers to help only with a loan modification without foreclosure and without a lawsuit.  However, we cover the costs of the loan modification work as part of our flat-rate foreclosure fee. The cost and fees of hiring just our loan modification attorneys (no foreclosure defense) is based on our hourly rate times the time we work on the matter.  We may be able to use paralegal time for some tasks to keep the costs and fees down.  Depending on the situation, we might offer a monthly payment plan too to get you a loan modificationGive us a call to discuss your particular situation and how we might help.  Or schedule a free consultation online now.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Consumer Lawyer?

We accept many types of non-foreclosure cases that require the other side pay our attorneys fees.  This includes debt collection abuse, credit reporting errors, and some consumer litigation.  When the other side has to pay our attorneys fees, we do not have to ask our clients to pay monthly.  However, we may ask that you pay a few hundred dollars a month towards our bill if there is some measure of risk involved in the case. We do not require payments for class actions or the occasional contingency matter we accept.


The firm has a robust consumer practice, which helps people who have been taken advantage of by businesses and debt collectors. The firm has an outstanding track record of successfully meeting client’s objectives, and is regularly referred complex cases from other top lawyers.

We are lawyers focused on people.  Read what our clients are saying here.  Call us today at (614) 944-5219 so we can get started on your consumer litigation case.  Schedule online here.


How Much Does a Business Lawyer Cost?

Business lawyers usually charge by the hour for litigation.  Some business lawyers will charge a flat fee for smaller projects, like creating an operating agreement from a template.  However, that does not mean legal work is cheap.  Large firms can easily cost $10,000 to $30,000 a month in litigation costs for small disputes.  Flat fees at large firms can run tens of thousands of dollars.  Many small business owners complain about the cost of litigation because of this.

Our firm has a cost-efficient way to help business owners in disputes.  We generally assist businesses with disputes with other businesses, landlords, and financial institutions.  Like many law firms, we charge by the hour for this service.  However, we are radically different in one major way.

Our business lawyer costs are very different from other firms because we allow you to pay for our costs over time, on a fixed monthly payment.  We can also do flat-fee monthly litigation. We may also agree to recover some of our hourly rate at the conclusion of our case (or contingency), depending on the matter.  This allows you to plan for your lawyer costs every month for cash-flow purposes.  It also lowers your monthly legal overhead, by spreading out payments from months where we have a lot to do and those months where we may not.  

Our fee schedule is designed to be affordable.  This is usually because our clients are in tough spots.  These tough spots might have been created by the other side and the whole reason for the lawsuit.  We represented one business for several years against a large Private Equity firm that was trying to bury them in legal costs.  We do that kind of work everyday, so we were not dissuaded taking the case.  We took that case the distance for our client.

If you have a business conflict, you may need help negotiating out of a bad deal.  We can help there too.  Lawyers who know us know we litigate until the very bitter end, and that helps you negotiate.  We rarely take cases to write letters because we always want the other side to know we are all-in if we are hired.  It creates an incentive for the other side to be reasonable early in a matter.  That helps our clients in the long run.  Call us to learn more.

Schedule your free call today to see how we can help your business.  You have nothing to lose.


Our Practice Areas

foreclosure defense

We built our strong reputation through helping those facing foreclosure.  If you are concerned that your property will be facing foreclosure, contact one of the most recognized names in Ohio foreclosure defense: Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A.

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Consumer Litigation

A major part of our practice is helping those who have been taken advantage of by businesses, whether the business is based on wall street or the local city center.  If you have a problem with a business, give us a call today.

More about Consumer Litigation >

Credit Report Issues

We help people correct mistakes on their credit reports, big and small.  We can recover damages and attorneys’ fees for errors that are not corrected, after a letter has been written to the offending bureau.

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Debt Collection Abuse

We help promote debt collection without bankruptcy. We represent people being harassed by bill collectors and work to stop collection harassment. Our fees are usually paid by the debt collectors. Contact Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. for help today.

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Mortgage Errors

We help people correct a variety of errors made by mortgage companies, from misapplication of payments to not properly reviewing a loan for a modification.  Our firm created some of the most used caselaw in this area.

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Business Help

We help small and new businesses grow with legal advice on topics like contracts, liability, and real estate.  If you would like to talk with a lawyer who understands how mistakes can lead to trouble, and how to avoid that trouble, call us for your consultation.

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Cost - Affordable Legal Help

Hourly Forgiveness - Foreclosure Cases

Nearly all of our foreclosure defense cases are accepted on this payment model.  It enables you to know exactly how much you will pay us each month.

We bill our time on an hourly basis, but you pay a fixed amount each month towards your bill.  The money you pay goes into trust until we actually work on your matter.  If we have a credit balance at the end of your case, we refund the unused portion back to you.  if we are able to recover 100% of our fees from the other side and you have already paid us our fees, we refund that recovery back to you.  However, most of our foreclosure clients have balances with us at the end of their case, which usually (at our discretion) results in a firm write-down of the bill if you have paid on time each month.  

Hourly Deferred - Consumer Cases

No money out of pocket.  This billing option is generally used for our consumer cases, where we bill by the hour but you don’t pay our bill out of pocket.  We recover our fees (based on our hourly rates, not a percentage of your recovery) from the other side only if we win or settle.  If we lose,  you pay nothing.  You may be asked to pay the filing fee or deposition cost, but we will tell you up front before we accept your case whether that will apply to you.  


In these cases, we pay all expenses and only recover if we win or settle.  If we lose the case, you do not pay our fees.  If we win, we recover a percentage of the recovery.