Ohio Consumer Protection and Litigation Attorneys

We regularly litigate cases under the FDCPA, CSPA, TILA, RESPA, TCPA, HSSA, PECA, and others.  This includes RICO and FTC/CFPB regulations.  We help people with lemon law car claims, gym memberships, and more.  If your issue deals with consumer law, we probably can help with it.

If you paid money to a business and that business did not give you what you were promised, then the issue likely falls under the umbrella of consumer protection – and we can probably help.

Consumer protection law is the body of law that protects people from bad business practices. The federal government and the state of Ohio have enacted laws to protect people in certain kinds of business transactions to reduce the risk of people being taken advantage of during sales. Most of these statutes have automatic damages provisions, and most also cover the costs of our attorneys’ fees if we win. Thus, we may accept consumer cases without requiring our clients pay out of pocket fees to us.

It is important to know that, as a consumer, you have rights that are protected under the law. If you feel that your rights are being infringed upon in any way, you should contact a trusted Central Ohio lawyer from Doucet & Associates for an evaluation of your case. Please call our office today at (614) 944-5219 to see how we could help.

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Understanding Consumer Protection Laws

Consumer protection laws cover just about every kind of transaction dealing with household, personal, or family goods and services. Usually, the only kinds of transactions that are not covered are those entered into between businesses. For example, a ball-bearing company selling its products to a car manufacturer would not be covered. Everything dealing with your personal daily life is likely covered. Thus, if a business has taken from you in any kind of way, that is probably covered by a consumer protection law.

Consumer laws cover car dealerships, auto mechanics, airlines, banks, mortgage servicers, gyms, dance studios, landlords, restaurants, and more. There are multiple kinds of laws that will govern, depending on what kind of product/service is at issue and what kind of business is selling you the good or service. For example, mortgage loans are covered under Ohio’s law, but not if a national bank is offering it. This area of the law can be complex and cumbersome, so contact an attorney to see if consumer laws protect your situation.

Consumer lawyer Troy Doucet talks about the federal and Ohio laws that help protect consumers in everyday transactions. He will touch on the laws governing Mortgages, Debt Collection, Car Purchases, Gym Memberships, Credit Reporting, and those annoying robo-calls we all get on our cell phones.

Consumer-Related Cases We Handle in Central Ohio

If you find yourself facing a difficult legal situation regarding your rights as a consumer, give us a call today to discuss your situation at no cost. We have years of experience handling a variety of consumer-related cases and we may be able to help you as well. Here are some examples of types of cases we handle. Do not hesitate to contact Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. at (614) 944-5219 to discuss your situation. Also, we may take consumer cases with the expectation that the other side will pay our attorneys’ fees so you don’t have to.

We Help Small Business Owners

The small business lawyers at Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. are proud to offer quality representation and trusted legal services to small businesses throughout Ohio. Whether you are starting a new business or tackling an obstacle in growing or expanding your business, it is important you retain the representation of an Ohio lawyer who can focus on tailoring their services to your business’ needs.

Our firm has grown through a focus on litigation, which means we are in a unique position to advise small business owners. We understand the risks associated with running a business, and the risks associated with making mistakes with contracts, hiring, and operations. Let us help your business grow further by reviewing your needs and suggesting legal options for you.

Contact a lawyer at Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. at (614)944-5219 or send us a message online by clicking here.