Firm Wins Major Appellate Decision

Firm Wins Major Appellate Decision

Doucet & Associates is happy to announce it won a major case in the federal court of appeals yesterday, paving the way for consumers to be able to hold their mortgage companies accountable for failing to adequately respond to mortgage inquiries.

The firm’s client, Christine Marais, faced years of trouble trying to get her mortgage company to correctly apply her mortgage payments when she sent in more than the amount due.After trying repeatedly to get Chase Home Finance to correctly apply her overpayments, she retained Doucet & Associates in an attempt to hold it accountable.The law firm sent a formal written request to Chase pursuant to the federal law, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”), demanding that Chase provide certain account information and that it correct her mortgage account.

Rather than making any corrections to Ms. Marais’ account in response to the firm’s formal demand, Chase’s representative testified in a deposition that it used a form letter to respond to the inquiry, and that letter contained no indication that any substantive review was undertaken of her account.

Chase Home Finance filed a motion with the trial court to win the case based on its outrageous claim that Ms. Marais could not show she suffered damages.The federal appeals court disagreed with Chase, and found Ms. Marais had properly alleged damages, and that she stated a claim to recover for Chase’s failures.The case now goes back to the trial court for further litigation.

The decision, Marais v. Chase Home Finance, LLC was decided by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and was recommended for publication as binding law throughout the federal court system encompassing Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee.To the firm’s knowledge, this would be the first appellate level published case on this particular RESPA issue, meaning it will be persuasive authority throughout the United States.


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