Are You Getting Your New Home Inspected?

Are You Getting Your New Home Inspected?

A home inspection is a crucial step in the home buying. After an offer is accepted in the home buying process, the contract usually details how much time a new homeowner has to get an inspection and negotiate repairs.

What to do before an inspection?

It is important for new homeowners to inspect inside and outside parts of the house for damage before the professional inspection.  The landscape, drains, grading and possible retaining walls should also be examined.  This will prepare a new homeowner to ask the inspector questions while attending the inspection. Inspections can last a few hours so do not feel bad about asking too many questions.

What should a new homeowner expect to learn in an inspection?

An inspection can inform new homeowners of electrical malfunctions, appliance life expectancy, plumbing issues, future repairs, and structural problems with the walls, roof, basement, ceilings, and the foundation. Inspectors can also offer advise on how to maintain a home and its unique features and machinery.

How to choose a home inspector?

Homeowners want inspectors that are experienced and detailed oriented. It is also important to ensure they have a bond or professional errors and omissions insurance. A Real estate agent can suggest an inspector, but homeowners should still do their own research. Ohio does not have a law that requires home inspectors to have a license. There are however certified programs and classes inspectors may take. Asking relatives and friends who own homes for recommendations, checking websites, and reading reviews can help make a homeowner feel confident about choosing an inspector. Researching early on in the home buying process can help a homeowner secure a preferred inspector.

How much does an inspection cost?

An inspection may cost anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. It is important to verify with the inspector everything that is included in an inspection package and ask for a sample report. The more detailed the report the higher the cost. The larger landscape, drains, grading and retaining walls could raise the cost of the inspection. Home inspectors are usually not licensed to give advice regarding pest control, chemicals or gases, so hiring a professional in a more specific area may be needed.

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