Performance Reviews: Doucet & Associates is Looking for Feedback

Performance Reviews: Doucet & Associates is Looking for Feedback

We recently updated the testimonials page on our website. It now offers resources to past clients who would like to leave a positive review and let future clients know how we have helped consumers in central Ohio obtain justice. The page includes links to our Yelp!, Avvo, Google, and a survey that we use to improve client relations. We take reviews very seriously at Doucet & Associates because of how closely our practice works with the average consumer, and any insights to how we are doing are greatly appreciated and considered heavily in our client interactions.

In addition, we have also included a section on video testimonials. While reviews are an excellent way for consumers to know what services a company offers, we believe that being able to put a face to the reviewer can help to make the content of their words more meaningful. If we helped you with a legal matter and you would like to share your story, we would love to put you in front of a camera to share it.

Call us at (614) 944-5219 or email us at info@doucet.law to schedule a time to record your video testimonial. Doucet & Associates is committed to reaching out and connecting with the community in any way we can. Consumers are so often considered last in many aspects of the legal system and we want to ensure that everyone has a chance to make their voice heard in the legal system. If we helped advocate for your rights, visit our testimonials page to see how you can make your story known.


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