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Attorneys for Small Business Legal Assistance

Attorneys for Small Business Legal Assistance

We take our consumer law practice very seriously at Doucet & Associates, but we also take pride in the assistance we offer to small businesses. The small business attorneys at our firm are proud to offer quality representation and legal services to small business owners throughout the State of Ohio, whether you are starting a new small business, or taking the next crucial steps in expanding or selling your small business. We offer legal services to a wide variety of small businesses in Ohio, but always maintain our law focus of assisting hard working individuals and businesses that need legal assistance to ensure they are working towards the right direction.

If you are looking to acquire or sell a small business in Ohio, Doucet & Associates can help you by drafting security agreements, purchase agreements, and U.C.C. Article 9s, as well as reviewing any existing legal contracts that you may have yet to sign. Our trained lawyers can help identify pitfalls in purchase agreements that can leave a small business owner’s personal property vulnerable, or effectively take away their right to legal action. Many small business owners worked hard to build a business they can be proud of. However, if it comes time to sell a small business, you need to be assured that you are getting a fair deal for the client base you spent years building and the assets that you spent hard earned money to acquire.

If you are looking to acquire a small business, Doucet & Associates is also happy to help. We file Article 9s to ensure that businesses get what they pay for when they agree to purchase a business, and are well versed in a variety of purchase agreements including cognovit notes , security agreements, and the previously mentioned Article 9 filings. These tools are designed to prevent bad business deals when purchasing a small business and we use them to ensure our clients get the best deal they can for what they worked so hard to build.

If you are looking to sell or acquire a small business, or need help starting a new one, Doucet & Associates is proud to have access to excellent attorneys that can assist you. Call us at (614) 944-5219 if you need assistance in drafting or reviewing a purchase agreement, or even what type of business would be best for you.


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