Do you know your rights with Vehicle Recalls?

Do you know your rights with Vehicle Recalls?

Inspecting for motor vehicle safety defects and recalls help get unsafe vehicles off the road and repaired. The lawyers at Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. can help vehicle owners who are not informed about a vehicle recall and suffer an injury from a mechanical flaw.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) inspects vehicles with suspected unsafe mechanics. The NHTSA identifies the duties for manufacturers involved in a recall and the rights of vehicle owners. Motor vehicle safety is a key factor in reducing auto accidents and saving lives.

Manufacturers can voluntarily recall vehicles before the NHTSA investigates a reported problem. Manufacturers are required to notify all registered owners and buyers about a safety defect and recall by first class mail. The recall must include risks associated with the safety defect and owners right to a repair, replace, or refund.

Manufacturers get to choose whether a repair, replacement, or refund is appropriate for the recall. Repairs are done for free and at no charge for the vehicle owner. If replacing, the owner should receive the same vehicle or a similar vehicle. If entitled to a refund the owner is eligible to the purchase price minus a reasonable wear and tear charge.

Vehicle owners do not have the right to a free repair or refund from the manufacturer if the vehicle is over ten years old at the time of the recall. The age is determined from the date the owner purchased the vehicle. Vehicle owners should still have the recalled safety defect inspected and fixed if their vehicle is too old for a repair and refund.

Tire recalls must be repaired or replaced by tire manufacturers within 60 days owners receive a recall notification.  The manufacturers are only required to repair and replace tires that are under five years old. Consumers have to report to a tire dealer to receive services for a tire recall.

Vehicle owners can report a vehicle safety complaint online by clicking here or by calling the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236. To read more about vehicle owner rights with recalls under the NHTSA click here.

If a manufacturer failed to notify you about a recall or refused to repair the safety defect for free contact Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. for legal assistance today at (614)944-5219.


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