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Do You Want to Start a Business?

Do You Want to Start a Business?

New entrepreneurs are often excited, nervous, anxious and confused all at the same time when starting a business.  Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. is here to alleviate some of that stress by helping with negotiations, contracts, litigation and other legal matters. The firm also has developed a free video seminar on drafting contracts to help new business owners, which you can find here.

Ohio also offers many great resources for new small business owners to learn about running a business, how to get started and events such as the BizStartNow Business Planning Session in Columbus.

Columbus is one of the fastest developing cities in Ohio when it comes to the number of business startups. In 2011 the Office of Research in Ohio recorded 2,863 business startups in Franklin County alone out of the 22,287 that started statewide. That is more than any other county that year. offers many free resources for starting a business in Ohio. Entrepreneurs can access a simple step by step process to learn about the many factors that come with starting a business. There is also information regarding licenses and permits, laws and regulations, employee information and how to obtain financial assistance.

There are many Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) around Ohio where new entrepreneurs and existing business owners can access one-on-one help and participate in events. Locally in Columbus, Ohio the SBDC is at the Columbus State Community College. The BizStartNow Business Planning session in Columbus is a monthly series of events that beginning no the first Tuesday. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can access BizStartNow registration information by clicking here. Another great resource is the Small Business Administration SCORE program that matches retired professionals to business owners that need assistance.

If you need legal help, Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. can assist you. You may also find our contract drafting seminar helpful available for viewing here. Call Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. today for assistance at (614)-944-5219.


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Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

On Sunday, people in the United States of America will gather to reflect on a tragic time in our nation’s history. Honoring the innocent lives that were taken that day and remembering those who emerged to serve and offer assistance when our nation was experiencing tragedy represents the best of our country.  Recollecting the facts of that day in 2001 is important for our nation to recall a time of standing together for all that were directly and indirectly affected.

The terrorism by an Islamic extremist group brought upon our country that day involved four plane crashes. Two hijacked planes were flown into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. A third plane struck the Pentagon at the U.S. military headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. And the fourth crashed down in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Including heroic police officers, firefighters and civilians, over 3,000 lives were loss that day in tragic destruction.

In replace of the World Trade Center towers that were traumatically destroyed now stands the One World Trade Center. This building is also commonly referred to as the Freedom Tower and is now the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere standing at a 1,776 feet. The height is iconic and meant to resemble the year the Declaration of Independence was enacted. In May 2013, a spire was also positioned on the top of the building to ensure it was the tallest building with the highest point making the height at the tip an estimated 1,792 feet. September 11 is also now legally designated as Patriot Day.

There are many national events happening on Sunday in recognition of this devastating occurrence.  The most common that often take place country wide include the moments of silence.

  • 8:46 am The first plane crashed into the North Tower at the World Trade Center.
  • 9:03 am The second plane crashed into the South Tower at the World Trade Center.
  • 9:37 am The third plane crashed into the Pentagon in close proximity to Washington D.C.
  • 10:03 am The fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers on board take control from hijackers after learning of the other attacks.
  • 10:28 am The North Tower collapses and rescue effort begins.


Locally in Columbus, Ohio there are also many events taking place to help honor and remember everyone impacted. Some of the events included but are not limited to are:

There is the Memorial Stair Climb taking place at the Chase Tower in downtown Columbus.

The Heroes Run on September 10 at Alum Creek Park North.

A Memorial Flag Display at the Ohio Statehouse.

The Ruc. Run. Remember. race in Groveport, Ohio.

There are many more local events happening all around Columbus, Ohio. We welcome you to leave information about an event in the comments to inform and bring awareness of how our country is coming together. Doucet & Associates also would like to acknowledge our heartfelt condolences to everyone affected.


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