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Doucet Wins Super Lawyers 2014 Pro Bono Award: For the Greater Good

Doucet Wins Super Lawyers 2014 Pro Bono Award: For the Greater Good

Doucet & Associates is proud to announce that we have recently been named a recipient of the Super Lawyers 2014 Pro Bono Awards. Super Lawyers chose to bestow the award on our practice thanks to the firm’s decision to establish a position dedicated to pro bono work. Jonathan Layman stepped up to fill the position in July of 2014, representing dozens of clients since.

Jonathan Layman decided to join Doucet & Associates after working on the other side, for creditors. Having represented creditors in cases concerning debt collection and eviction, Layman found that working with people he could sympathize with was much more rewarding. He finds that caring about the client on a personal level is very important to him, and somehow that becomes lost in translation when representing a company trying to collect debts. “There’s nothing wrong with representing creditors… but I found that I just wasn’t really happy doing it” stated Layman in his interview with Super Lawyers.

Needless to say, he fits in quite well at Doucet & Associates, where we work hard to ensure that our clients get the best legal representation they can. Troy believes that lawyers “have a tremendous ability to do good. There are few professions on the planet that allow or enable one person to affect so much change.” He is as proud of the consumer-friendly case law that this firm helps to establish every day, as he is of each and every attorney at the firm that helps to do it.

Attorney Troy Doucet established this law firm to help the “little guy” against enormous businesses and banks that seem to have limitless resources to throw at any legal problem. Focusing in foreclosure defense, consumer law and small business litigation, Doucet & Associates works hard to help our clients stand up for their rights. For this reason, along with the impressive results garnered by the firm, Doucet & Associates has become one of the most recognized consumer law firms in central Ohio.

Troy firmly believes that it is much better to assist someone rather than turn them away, especially when they are in need. It is for this reason that we offer the phone consultations, a hotline dedicated to asking legal questions (feel free to call at (614) 221-9800), and will even point an individual in the right direction if we are unable to help. We are dedicated to building a better world through the courts, and upholding the ideals of justice and integrity that our legal system was always intended to represent.

We would like to thank Super Lawyers from the bottom of our hearts for the award that they saw fit to give us. It both humbling and empowering to know what is being done in these walls is work that others find worthy of note. We will always put our clients first, and we encourage you to call if you are facing legal action against a business far bigger than yourself.


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