Pets Are Victims of Foreclosure Too

Pets Are Victims of Foreclosure Too

Pets are sometimes lost in the jumble and mess when a family is trying to find a new home during and after foreclosure. A lack of funds to provide for the pet or the high fees required at apartment type facilities when relocating can force a family to get rid of a beloved pet. As much as a pet is the best friend that is always on your side, the necessity and decision to give one up is always a gut wrenching and unpleasant feeling.

Taking loyal, correct actions to give up a family pet is important and wholehearted. Some families may fear taking a pet to a shelter will ultimately end in euthanizing the pets’ life, but most shelters are filled with loving, caring staff and volunteers who take pride in finding pets a new home. Surrendering a pet to an animal shelter is the responsible decision if you cannot find the animal a new home.  You may also want to look for a “no kill” shelter if this is particularly concerning.

Ignoring and leaving a pet behind in a foreclosed home is harmful to their health. Pets need to be taken care of properly and if you ever discover a pet left behind in a foreclosed home there are ways to help.

Your local humane society can also be notified when a pet is left behind during foreclosure. Rescuing and finding a shelter or home for the pet to live in can ensure the pet will receive genuine care. Pet owners can surrender animals in Columbus area to a variety of shelters including the Franklin County Dog Shelter and the CHA Animal Shelter.


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