Door to Door Solicitations

Door to Door Solicitations

A company selling goods or services to a consumer outside the company’s regular place of business and inside a buyer’s home is considered a home solicitation sale. In Ohio, there are laws to protect consumers involved in these types of business transactions which could result in damages for buyers and penalties for a company if it fails to comply. These laws include details about information the consumer must be provided with, the right to canceling a purchase and misrepresentation.

A company must provide their business’s name and address when contracting a sale solicited in a consumers home. The contract must also include information regarding the language used to make the sale and provide a copy of the contract to the buyer. This contract should include the buyers signature, the date the agreement was made and two copies of the notice of the buyer’s right to cancel the purchase. In Ohio specifically, the buyer is granted a three day right to cancel. The seller must orally notify the buyer of their right to cancel a purchase and refund all payments within 10 business days of cancellation. Also, services may be withheld until after the cooling off period has expired.

Misrepresenting the goods or services being sold by the seller is also an important concept of the buyer’s rights. The seller must make it clear that their intention is to make a sale. There cannot give any false or misleading information including that the buyer has been specially selected to receive a bargain, won a contest, or that the product cannot be sold in stores. Declaring there is no right to cancel is also an illegal and they cannot take on the authority to negotiate the final terms of the sale.

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