Are You Registered To Vote?

Are You Registered To Vote?

The deadline to register to vote for the 2016 presidential election is October 11. In the state of Ohio voters must register to vote 30 days’ before the November 8, 2016 election date.

Voters can register in person or by sending a completed and signed application through the U.S. Mail to a county board of elections or the Secretary of State’s office. The postmark on the envelope has to be the deadline or before. A voter can also deliver an application in person to a DMV, a public high school or vocational school, the office of a county treasurer, or a public library. Ohio law requires the voter to sign the application.

Please click here to access the Ohio voter registration application. A voter can request an application be mailed to them from the Secretary of State’s office or a county board of elections.

In Ohio, a voter does not declare a political party affiliation when registering. A voter only declares affiliation when voting in a partisan primary election to vote on the ballot of a political party. If no affiliation with a specific party, the voter will only vote the Official Questions and Issues Ballot in a primary election.

The voter receives registration confirmation in the mail after submitting an application. The voter’s address is confirmed, the location of the voting precinct is identified, and additional identification requirements are stated. The voter should receive a notice of rejection if the application was not accepted. The board has 20 business days to register a voter after receiving an application. Voters can contact a local county board of elections if they fail to receive an acceptance or rejection letter to check the status of an application.

It is a registered voters obligation to update an address or name change in the voter registration database. A voter can inform the board of elections of changes by submitting a new registration form. The new form must be completed and signed. Voters will receive a confirmation noting if information was successfully updated. Voters can update information within the month before an election or on an election day. Updating information so close to an election day could cause the voter to have to use a provisional ballot.

Voters can verify their information and check to see if they are registered to vote here.

For more information on registering to vote in Ohio visit the Secretary of States website here. More information about acceptable places to register in person are listed. Information about how to cancel a voters registration is also provided.


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