Doucet Publishes “The Art of War for Lawyers”

Doucet Publishes “The Art of War for Lawyers”

Attorney Troy Doucet just released his version of Sun Tzu’s famous “Art of War” book that applies Sun Tzu’s teachings to litigation.

This carefully crafted litigation manual offers numerous insights into the practice of law. You will learn:

-The five dangerous personality traits and six calamities that lead to a case’s ruin. -How just five factors determine a case’s outcome. -How to manage the nine kinds of jurisdictions. -How to prepare for and use scorched earth tactics. -How to classify and work with various kinds of evidence. -How to effectively employ witnesses. -How to use secrecy, bait, and a developed strategy to keep your opponent off-balance. -And much more!

Learn more directly from Mr. Doucet’s sales portal at The book is also available on

Only $24.95


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