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Columbus Resident Victim of Bed Bugs

Columbus Resident Victim of Bed Bugs

Doucet & Associates have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Columbus resident who suffered physical injury, emotional distress, and economic loss due to the false assurance that the home she was about to move into was not infested with bed bugs.

R.S. Perry, LLC, and Peak Property Group, LLC, are the alleged owner and manager respectively of the property Doucet’s client leased in June of 2013. Before she moved into the premises, Doucet’s client was allegedly informed by a neighbor that the property was infested with bedbugs. The resident contacted the property’s owners to see if this were true; she was allegedly assured that there were no bedbugs on the premises.

As a result, Doucet’s client began to move into the residence. The firm’s client awoke the next morning to find she had suffered numerous bed bug bites during her first night on the property. According to the lawsuit, she immediately moved all of her belongings out of the residence and the Department of Health had to destroy her furniture. She then had to call into work to let her employer about the bed bug infestation — a call that put her job on the line.

R.S. Perry and Peak Property’s (or their predecessors) alleged inability to keep their property safe and inhabitable resulted in physical injury for Doucet’s client, as well as embarrassment, anxiety, and the loss of her belongings. She is suing on counts of breach of warranty of habitability, negligence, negligence per se, nuisance, constructive eviction, breach of contract, and battery. She is seeking statutory, economic and noneconomic, actual and emotional, general, punitive, and other damages in addition to attorney fees and the costs of the litigation.

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