Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. Sues Car Dealership for Misrepresentation

Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. filed a lawsuit against a car dealership for allegedly selling a car with a different engine to our client without telling him. The dealership allegedly lied about the warranty the car was under too.

Our client purchased a used car from the dealership in 2015. Our client claimed the car was in stock condition, had no alterations before purchasing, and the dealership told him the car was still under the manufacturer warranty.

The check engine light turned on after our client bought the car. He took the car to another dealership for review because he believed the car was still under manufacturer warranty.

At the other dealership, our client was told the car was in fact not still under the manufacturer warranty. The dealership also told our client the original engine had been replaced by someone other than a manufacturers dealership.

We alleged the dealership violated the Consumer Sales Practice Act (CSPA) and misrepresented the car, and that our client purchased a vehicle that was not the quality or make of the vehicle he thought he bought. Further that, the dealership knew about the replaced engine and failed to tell our client, and lied to our client about the cars warranty with the manufacturers. The lawsuit was resolved.

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