Stimulating Our Senses with Coffee

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Doucet & Associates recently hosted a coffee tasting for our lawyers and staff. When tasting coffee we like to focus on certain aspects of the coffee and pair the coffees with delicious treats to compliment the various flavors. One aspect we like to focus on is the aroma, or the smell of the coffee. Before tasting each type of coffee, we always take a moment to smell our cups of coffee by holding our cups up close to our noses. Coffees can smell floral, fruity, or like herbs. Starbucks Gold Coast Blend Dark Roast

Gold Coast is a multi-region blend that is made using coffee beans from Indonesia and Latin America. There is a hint of sweetness and roast flavor from the dark Starbucks Italian Roast in the mixture. The combination of flavors used to make this multi-region blend is great for pairing with a variety of foods. We chose to pair this coffee with a cheese Danish, but Gold Coast would also be paired great with some maple flavors, cheesecake, sweet caramels, and some sharp cranberries.

Starbucks Sumatra Iced Coffee Dark Roast

Sumatra is an herbal and earthy coffee originating around Indonesia. Sumatra coffee beans are processed using a method known as wet-hulling, which means the beans are not dried as long as other coffee beans before leaving a farm. So, Sumatra coffee beans have more moisture which leads to a strong herbal and earthy taste. We decided to prepare the Sumatra dark roast as an iced coffee which turned out to taste delicious.

Starbucks Colombia Nariño Supremo

Colombia Nariño Supremo is made from coffee beans grown at a high elevation in southwest Columbia. Due to the high elevation, the coffee cherries grow slower and help create an intricate taste. Colombia Nariño Supremo has hints of herbal, nuts, and bittersweet chocolate flavors. We chose to pair this coffee with chocolate chip pecan cookies to help bring out the bittersweet chocolate and nutty flavors.

Our lawyers and staff really enjoyed the coffee tasting and delicious treats. We plan to do another coffee tasting so please check out our blog soon to learn about more types of coffee. You can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to catch our most recent articles.