Stimulating Our Senses with a Coffee Tasting

Doucet & Associates recently hosted a coffee tasting for our lawyers and staff. When we host a coffee tasting we also like to spoil our lawyers and staff with treats to help bring out the natural flavors of every coffee. Pairing coffee with food can make the coffee taste smoother, sweeter, or even bring out a flavor that you couldn’t taste without eating the food. Here is some information about the delicious coffee we recently tasted: Highlander Grogg Light Roast:

Highlander Grogg is made using coffee beans from India and Central America. It has a light, smooth body with medium acidity with hints of butterscotch and vanilla flavors. We paired this coffee with salted pretzel, chocolate Malano cookies which really complimented the vanilla flavor.

Buckeye Blend Medium Roast:

Buckeye Blend is a sweet coffee that has a nutty flavor and hints of rich cocoa chocolate and hazelnut flavors. Eating chocolate and peanut butter cookies with this coffee really complimented and brought out the natural nutty flavor of the coffee.

Seattle Blend Dark Roast:

Seattle Blend is made using coffee beans from Costa Rica and Indonesia Sumatra beans. Sumatra coffee beans are not dried as long as most coffee beans which gives the Seattle Blend very earthy flavors. This coffee is also bright and full bodied. We paired this coffee with lemon and mixed berry Danishes to compliment the earthy flavors.

Our lawyers and staff really enjoyed the coffee tasting and delicious treats. We plan to do another coffee tasting soon so please check out our blog soon to learn about more types of coffee.

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