Stimulating Our Senses With a Coffee Tasting

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Doucet & Associates recently hosted our first coffee tasting event for our lawyers and staff. We tasted a variety of different types of coffee including a light blonde roast, a medium roast, and a dark roast. Although dark roast coffee beans are roasted long, many of us were surprised to learn that light roast coffee has more caffeine. We also paired each coffee with a delicious treat to help compliment the flavors. Here is some information about the delicious coffee we tasted: Starbucks Veranda Blend: Blond Roast

Veranda is a mellow and soft light roast that is made with coffee beans from Latin America. It is made with nuts and milk chocolate. We paired the Veranda coffee with banana nut bread to help bring out the distinctive nut flavor in the coffee.

Starbucks Kenya: Medium Roast

Kenya is made with coffee beans from Africa and is juicy and complex. This is a medium roast coffee made with natural flavors from grapefruit, berries, raisins and oranges. The packaging suggested Kenya to be paired with fruity treats so we chose to try this coffee with lemon bread and lemon poppy seed muffins.

Starbucks Sun Dried Ethiopia Sidamo: Dark Roast

Sun Dried Ethiopia Sidamo is a dark roast coffee that is also made with coffee beans from Africa. This coffee is robust and made with black cherry and dark chocolate flavors. We paired this coffee with dark chocolate and milk chocolate covered cookies to compliment the deep roast flavor.

Our lawyers and staff really enjoyed the coffee tasting and delicious treats. We plan to do another coffee tasting so please check our blog soon to learn about more types of coffee.

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