Shirt Filled with Feces in Ohio Store

Shirt Filled with Feces in Ohio Store

Envision having human feces spread across your hair and body while trying on a shirt at a clothing store. Imagine the urge of vomiting and nausea overcoming your body as you smelled the disgusting odor and fear you would obtain from such a gross experience. That is exactly what happened to our client when she slipped a shirt over her head at a TJ Maxx clothing store.

Our client was shopping at a TJ Maxx when she tried on a shirt filled with human feces in the dressing room. Quickly she gave the shirt to an employee and went straight to the bathrooms to wash up. Humiliated, she then headed home to shower.

After the incident, our client took the time to contact the TJ Maxx headquarters to complain about her terrible experience. It didn’t resolve her complaint. Unsatisfied with TJ Maxx’s efforts to correct the problem, she contacted Doucet & Associates for help. The law firm learned TJ Maxx threw away the sweater, so it is suing for damages to determine if the event was the result of a TJ Maxx employee.

The firm’s lawsuit alleges violations for Spoliation of Evidence, Battery, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, violation of the Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act and Negligence. Please check back soon to read about the case results. Doucet & Associate Co., L.P.A. attorneys are working hard to represent our client. This case is 16 CV 007097 and filed in the Franklin County Common Pleas court.


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