Ohio Nonprofit Shut Down for Pocketing Money

Teens with Dreams has been shut down for failing to registering with the Ohio Attorney General’s office and IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The operator and founder of Teens With Dreams also failed to keep accurate accounting records of donations received through door-to-door solicitations and there was little evidence to support the funds collected were donated to charities. Investigators discovered that most of the money collected through door-to-door solicitations actually went to the founders own pocket. Teens With Dreams purposed mission was to “to keep teens busy and off the streets and also do work for seniors and help community fundraisers, etc.” The founder of Teens With Dreams admitted children as young as eleven into the program and directed them to go door-to-door to collect funds from local communities around Columbus and Toledo, Ohio. The founder would then keep some of the collected funds for himself and give small portions to the children who solicited the funds.

Suspicious charitable home solicitation acts like Teens With Dreams can be reported to the Ohio Attorneys General office. There are also laws in Ohio that protect people from home solicitation sales, and the lawyers at Doucet & Associates can help you learn about your consumer rights if you buy goods or services from a company at your doorstep. Please click here to read our article Door to Door Solicitations. If you become the victim of a home solicitation sale, please call us for help at (614)944-5219 or click here to send us a message online.

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