How to Cancel your Match or EHarmony Contract in Ohio Without Playing the Cancellation Game

The promise to cancel a contract should be just as promising as finding love online. Many online dating services require customers to sign a contract, pay monthly fees, enroll in automatic payment, and register for a membership plan that lasts anywhere from a couple months to a year. When the membership expires, online dating contracts are typically conveniently and automatically renewed by the company. But automatic renewal is not very convenient for customers planning to cancel a contract. So, what are your cancellation rights?

Consumers who sign up for online dating services have guaranteed rights to cancel a contract in Ohio under the Prepaid Entertainment Contracts Act (PECA). The PECA requires online dating services to inform customers about their right to cancel and how they can cancel when they first sign a contract. In order to cancel, customers normally have to cancel their contract before the automatic renewal date. If customers cancel the contract in the middle of a term, they would normally still be held liable to make the remaining payments listed in the contract to cover that term.

However, in Ohio customers have a 3 day right to cancel the contract if they change their mind after they first sign up and even longer if necessary disclosures are not made at signup. The disclosures must include information about the right to cancel, how to cancel, liabilities after you cancel, payment information, prices, and the length of the membership. If the disclosures are not provided (they rarely are), then you have the right to cancel the contract at any time.

What if you are denied your right to cancel?

If you are denied your right to cancel the contract then you can hire our consumer lawyers to help you cancel the contract.  Our consumer lawyers in Ohio can help you get a complete refund, possibly three times the amount you originally paid, and perhaps up to $5,000 extra. It is also possible to recover all your attorney fees from the other side when you win your case.

Other services with protected cancellation rights

Other services protected by the Prepaid Entertainment Contracts Act include gym memberships, dance studios, massage companies and spas, martial arts facilities, sport clubs, weight reduction centers, and other services requiring contracts and reoccurring payments.  It is illegal for a contracted service to have automatic renewal that exceeds three years. If you are having difficulties cancelling a contract that keeps automatically renewing or are still being charged for a contract you cancelled, please contact the consumer lawyers at Doucet & Associates Co LPA. You can call our office at (614)944-5219 or send us a message online.

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