We Helped Our Clients Correct a Mortgage Error

First-Knox National Bank applied our clients mortgage payments wrong after they were granted a loan modification with deferred interests and other charges. In this case, we learned that an employee must manually remove deferred interests from a loan when applying a mortgage payment. First-Knox National Bank was neglecting to remove our client’s deferred interest and had been processing their mortgage payments wrong since their loan modification.

Before the loan modifications, one of our clients unfortunately lost his job. A banker at First-Knox National Bank told our clients they could stop paying their mortgage payments until he had a new form of income. When he got a new job, our clients then entered into the loan modification with deferred interest and other charges and started to pay on their loan again.

Our clients tried contacting First-Knox National Bank asking for their loan payment history and interest records. Since our clients never received the documents they requested, they hired our lawyers to help correct any mortgage error. The lawyers at Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. helped our clients in contacting First-Knox National Bank, helped identify the mortgage error, and successfully had First-Knox National Bank correct our clients mortgage payments and loan balance.

First-Knox National Bank is a prime mortgage and loan servicer located all over the State of Ohio, and is a Division of The Park National Bank. If you are noticing mortgage errors on your loans serviced by First-Knox National Bank or another loan servicer and need help correcting the errors, contact Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. at (614)944-5219. You can also see a list of our most frequent opposing mortgage and loan servicers by clicking here.

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