Free House for Homeowner Facing Foreclosure

Doucet & Associates secured a free house for a client today as a result of a bank’s massive blunder.  The bank apparently did not have their paperwork in order and failed to file a foreclosure against our client within the statute of limitations. Our firm filed a motion to dismiss the foreclosure lawsuit because it was not filed within the statute of limitations.  Judge Woods in Franklin County, Ohio, agreed with the firm’s legal argument.  The judge found that the bank should have filed the foreclosure within six years of the alleged date of default.  Because the bank failed to do so, the lawsuit failed as a matter of law.  The foreclosure was thrown out with prejudice, which means it can never be filed again.

The judge’s decision is the correct application of law.  Banks need to follow the law the same as individual people.  They should not get special treatment because they are a bank, and this decision affirms that principal.  We applaud Judge Woods for his wise decision and correct legal finding.  When a bank sits on its rights, it must face the music just like everyone else.

The firm has other cases similar to this one pending in court.  If you believe a bank has violated your rights, call us today at (614) 944-5219.

The case is JP Morgan Chase v. Emrick, 17 CV 4053.