Doucet & Associates Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Nationstar Mortgage

Doucet & Associates Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Nationstar Mortgage

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(Columbus) – The law firm Doucet & Associates recently filed a class action lawsuit against Nationstar Mortgage, LLC. Their client, Terry Forson alleges that the mortgage company has been engaging in a deliberate and systematic practice of coercing debtors into paying additional fees on their mortgages after bankruptcy. The lawsuit also claims that Nationstar has unfairly damaged the consumer’s credit score by failing to comply with court orders that deem the mortgages “current.”

Mr. Forson filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2008 and repaid his debts over a five year period. After completing the payment plan, the court ordered that his mortgage be updated to “current,” and all arrearages that existed prior to the filing be discharged. Mr. Forson also alleges that he made repeated requests to Nationstar to provide update statements, but that the company failed to do so for months after his bankruptcy ended.

He also maintains that despite a consistent pattern of timely payments that were accepted by Nationstar, he was still being charged for unauthorized fees. Additionally, Nationstar refused to update his mortgage status, which could be a clear violation of the court order. Ultimately, despite timely payments, Nationstar threatened Mr. Forson with foreclosure and required him to pay $8,109.41 in order to prevent his house from being foreclosed on.

Mr. Forson took money out of his wife’s 401k to pay the demand. This was in spite of the fact that he had made regular monthly payments that he alleges were both satisfactory to the terms of the mortgage and accepted by Nationstar. At this point, over a year after exiting bankruptcy, Nationstar still had made no meaningful attempt to clarify the nature of the charges.

Doucet & Associates believes that Nationstar’s practices affects thousands of individuals similarly situated. They have filed a class action lawsuit to recover the erroneously charged fees to Mr. Forson and others. If you would like to join the lawsuit, and you live in Ohio or have been discharged from Chapter 13 bankruptcy, please contact Doucet & Associates today at (614) 944-5219.


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