Are You Struggling to Pay Off Your House? A Loan Modification May Help

Doucet & Associates is a foreclosure defense and consumer litigation law firm in Ohio that focuses on helping homeowners save their home from foreclosure. If you are dealing with a foreclosure lawsuit in Ohio or are concerned you may be presented with a foreclosure lawsuit, a loan modification may help you save your home. The loan modification lawyers at Doucet & Associates have substantial experience helping homeowners save their home and avoid foreclosure by assisting them during the loan modification process. Please read some of our client testimonials to learn about how some of our clients have had their loans modified, interest rates lowered, and monthly payments adjusted with the help of our lawyers by clicking here. You can call us today for assistance with your loan modification at (614)944-5219. How can our lawyers help you in Ohio?

Applying for a loan modification is a difficult and confusing process for many homeowners. Our loan modification lawyers can assist you during the application process and keep in contact with your lender while you are waiting for your application to be processed. It is important to stay in contact with the lender to make sure the lender has all the information they need to review your application and to process it.

It is also important to hire a loan modification lawyer in Ohio to help you rather than an out of state company. Our lawyers at Doucet & Associates Co LPA specialize in defending foreclosure lawsuits and applying for loan modifications in Ohio.

How can a loan modification help you if you are dealing with a foreclosure lawsuit?

A loan modification can help slow down the process of a foreclosure lawsuit and potentially save your home. Some mortgage companies and lenders will refuse to help homeowners once a foreclosure lawsuit has been filed in Ohio, but our lawyers can help fight for your right to apply.

How can a loan modification help before foreclosure?

We recommend seeking legal help from our loan modification lawyers to help you through the application process even if you have not had a foreclosure lawsuit filed against you in Ohio. Sometimes loan modifications can take so long to get approved, a lender will try to file a foreclosure lawsuit in the event a homeowner fails to make a payment while waiting.

Also, if a lender ever suggests falling behind on your mortgage payments so you can apply for a loan modification, please contact our lawyers for assistance. There are incidents where lenders advise homeowners to miss mortgage payments and fall into foreclosure before applying for a loan modification. The lender then often takes the opportunity to file a foreclosure lawsuit against you and may refuse you the opportunity to apply for the loan modification that you were promised.

If you are thinking about applying for loan modification in Ohio because of a financial difficulty please contact Doucet & Associates Co LPA for help. You can call us at (614)944-5219 or send us a message online. Also, please read our other articles Is a Loan Modification Right for You? andWhy Assumable Loans are Great to learn more about loan modifications.

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