Are you struggling to pay for your legal help?

There are many legal services in Ohio that help people with little or no income. There are pro bono attorneys, organizations where lawyers volunteer their time and services, and legal student services that you could use for a discounted rate or free. Many of our lawyers at Doucet & Associates have spent time volunteering their services with legal associations and student organizations around Ohio because they care about helping people. And here at Doucet & Associates we are founded on the concept that we are lawyers focused on people. The Legal Aid Society of Columbus

The LASC in central Ohio is a civil legal services organization that provides legal help to people with little or no income. You can apply for a variety of legal services online and if you are approved the LASC will put you in contact with an attorney. You may be approved for legal help with foreclosure, consumer law, family law, housing, and other services. You can click here to access their online application and to learn more about the LASC in central Ohio. Although the LASC cannot provide you with completely free legal services, the LASC can offer extremely reduced legal services. People approved to get reduced legal help through the LASC will still have to pay court fees.

In Ohio, there are eight legal aid societies that provide legal services in designated areas. Together the eight legal aid societies cover every county in Ohio. There is also one state-wide legal aid society that is dedicated to providing legal assistance to seniors. Visit to learn about the other legal aid societies in Ohio.

American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio

The ACLU of Ohio handles legal situations involving civil rights and liberties. The organization is funded on membership donations and donations from other people and organizations. The ACLU operates on a limited budget so typically only chooses to represent lawsuits that effect a larger number of people. The ACLU also recruits volunteer attorneys to help defendants, prepare legal documents, and attorneys who can advise legal strategies. You can learn more about the ACLU of Ohio by clicking here.

Ohio Legal Services

The Ohio Legal Services provides legal help to low income Ohioans by offering a variety of self-help documents and information online. You can find information about almost every area of law such as consumer rights, housing, public benefits, seniors, veterans, wills and probate, taxes, and much more. The Ohio Legal Services website also has a database of volunteer attorney programs that you can search for by zip code. You can access the database to search for legal aid providers in your area by clicking here.

Doucet & Associates is a foreclosure defense and consumer litigation law firm. We help homeowners fight foreclosure in Ohio and help consumers who have been taken advantage of by businesses and banks. If you need help defending your home in foreclosure or with a consumer matter please call us at (614)944-5219 or send us a message online.

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