5 Steps to Avoid Deed Theft

Deed theft is the action of a criminal stealing ownership of your property and home by transferring your deed. Losing your home to deed theft is devastating and cruel, and deed thieves often target homeowners in foreclosure who are desperate to save their home. Our foreclosure defense lawyers here at Doucet & Associates in Ohio want to help you avoid being a victim of deed theft with a little insight on how to spot a deed scam. Clues you may be the target of deed theft:

  1. The company offering to help you does not have business profiles online. Type the name of the company into a search engine. Do they have a website? Do they have a location? Is the location real? Is contact information listed online match the same information you have? Are there any reviews about the company?
  2. Deed thieves will propose solutions to save your home from foreclosure that seem too good to be true. They will probably promote their services as the best and too good to turn down. A thief will try to manipulate you with their advertising.
  3. A deed thief will target desperate homeowners in foreclosure by offering free or discounted services. They may pose as lenders and banks and may offer you a fake loan modification with extremely low payments and interest rates to get the opportunity to steal your signature.
  4. Ask you to make payments for fees in advance. Thieves may try to ask you to pay back late fees and other mortgage fees up front before they trick you into signing the ownership of your property away.
  5. A thief may have a confusing and abnormal way of processing documents, in which they “need” to help you fight against foreclosure. If the company cannot confirm why you are being required to submit or sign a document, then you should be concerned.

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