NPR Story About Our Teacher Clients

Several clients of Doucet & Associates are appearing in a National Public Radio (NPR) story about PHEAA and FedLoan Servicing this week.   The NPR radio report about our teacher clients, Maggie Webb and David West, outlines our clients’ frustrations about their TEACH grants being illegally converted into interest bearing loans.   The story is available here:

The teachers we represent are part of a class action against PHEAA and The Department of Education that claims PHEAA is purposefully converting these loan, in violation of RICO.  RICO is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which prohibits entities from scheming to defraud others. 

The NPR story is about teachers that outlines how we believe their grants should not have been changed into loans.  The teachers agreed to work in targeted areas for four years in exchange for having grants forgiven.  But by converting the grants into loans, PHEAA may be reaping millions in extra fees and interest.  Doucet & Associates filed a class action last year that has recently been subject to a MDL motion to consolidate this lawsuit and others before one judge.  

Doucet represents over 20 teachers in this class action against PHEAA and the US Department of Education.  If you would like to explore joining this lawsuit, please use the submission section located here.   We will then reach out to you directly.

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