Ask a lawyer hotline for free Ohio legal advice at (614) 221-9800.

Have you ever had a legal question that needed an answer, but nowhere to turn for help? The attorneys at Doucet & Associates Co., L.P.A. have set up an “Ask a Lawyer Hotline” designed to answer pressing legal questions for residents of Central Ohio. The lawyer hotline allows the firm’s team of lawyers to use their experience in a wide range of legal matters to help people get their legal questions answered.  The law firm is taking legal questions on the hotline in a range of areas that include mortgage issues, collection harassment, gym cancellations, drafting wills, bad car sales, bedbugs concerns, class action lawsuits, disputes between businesses, and probate legal disputes and issues.

Doucet & Associates is a consumer law firm that is committed to ensuring legal help is available to those who need it most and can afford it least, which is why the firm has started this “Ask a Lawyer” hotline. Last year, the law firm established a position dedicated purely to pro bono work plus wrote off nearly $1 million in client debt, just so they could be certain that their clients were getting the legal help they needed at a price they could afford. The firm has taken it a step further in its efforts to serve the public this year by adding the “Ask a Lawyer Hotline” lawyer hotline to their list of resources for those living in Ohio.

If you have questions that you would like an attorney to answer, then call the firm’s legal hotline at (614) 221-9800. The attorneys at Doucet & Associates regularly answer questions on the legal hotline regarding credit reporting errors, evictions, foreclosure defense, estate law and more. The firm is dedicated to making the legal system fair for everyone and making sure that sound legal aid is just a phone call away, which why the firm’s Ask a Lawyer hotline may be able to help you.

Navigating the muddy waters of the American legal system is difficult by its very nature. One of the oldest proverbs in law says, “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” You do not have to do it alone. Doucet & Associates set up this legal hotline to offer a valuable resource to people who need it. If you think you need it, then please use it.  We are happy to answer your legal questions and are only a phone call away at (614) 221-9800.  Call now!