Affordable Legal Help

Contingent and Non-Contingent Legal Services

Our goal is to make hiring a smart, dedicated attorney as affordable as possible.  Most of our debt collection defense and consumer work is taken on with the expectation that the other side will be paying our fees.  This means that we can defend a collection lawsuit or bring a counterclaim against a debt collector without our clients paying anything out of pocket.  If we need to file a lawsuit in order to recover for a client, we might ask that they pay the filing fee or deposition costs (if they arise), but not when our client is lower income and cannot afford to do that.  In those cases, we might advance that cost and recover it from the case later.

The clients we help who are facing foreclosure usually pay a monthly minimal payment against our hours, as we generally do not recover all our fees from the other side.  The monthly payment is generally a fraction of the cost of the normal mortgage payment, as the lender is usually not accepting payments once foreclosure has started.  Many of our clients who choose to modify their loan or stay in the property end up with savings that offset the fees they pay for our help.  While there are no guarantees in life as to the results we can accomplish in your case, we are happy to have helped hundreds of families facing foreclosure.

Hourly Forgiveness

  • Our most common billing method for foreclosure clients, we bill hourly but you only pay a monthly minimal payment against the bill, with normally some fee forgiveness at the end of the case.

Debt Collection Defense

  • This billing option is generally used for our consumer cases, where we bill by the hour but you don’t pay unless we recover from the other side.  These kinds of claims usually require the other side pay our bill.


  • This kind of arrangement is most popular with personal injury, class action, and tort claims, where we accept a portion of the award if we win and forgo payment if we lose or do not successfully settle.

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