Attorney, of counsel

Thomas Tootle

In the courtroom, Thomas stands as an advocate for those grappling with the complexities of work-related injuries. His inspiration for becoming a litigation attorney came during law school when he had the chance to witness the adversarial process first-hand at a specialized firm. This experience unveiled the opportunity for daily engagement in the judicial process, a thrill that continues to fuel his professional life. He understands that his clients are often new to the world of law and litigation, many dealing with the dual stresses of injury and financial insecurity. With a nurturing approach, he prides himself on breaking down legal jargon into straightforward language, alleviating client anxieties and guiding them through challenging times.
Away from his professional obligations, Thomas nurtures a rich life teeming with interests that range from gardening and shopping at estate sales to international travel. He defines success as the ability to make someone's life a little easier, a philosophy he extends beyond his legal work. Highly committed to community service, he has served as board president for multiple non-profits, including Community Shares of Mid-Ohio and Camp Sunrise. His strategic thinking notably led to a significant expansion in workplace participation for Community Shares. Given the chance to take a sabbatical, he dreams of immersing himself in Mexican culture to attain fluency in Spanish. Whether in the courtroom or in the community, Thomas embodies a multifaceted vision of success that’s rooted in service, empathy, and lifelong learning.